Its been long time

Its been long time since i write anything here… traveling is like any other experience in life some people prefer to talk to friends about it, write it in a diary or blog -like i did- and for some people they prefer to keep it to themselves.

I wanted this blog to be kind of a way for non-Muslims who know nothing about Islam to know more about our believes & culture because I’ve been asked many time about Islam and found many people have misconceptions about Islam, and because of the huge gap between the western culture & middle eastern culture i tried to chose videos that close to their culture so they can get the idea easily, and because some of those videos contain some content that i don’t want i didn’t spread and speak about my blog to friends. i wanted it to be for non-Muslims. I wish one day some people join Islam because of something i did or said , I hope this wish comes true one day.

SA vs NZ in prices

List of items and the different in prices between SA (Saudi Arabia)  & NZ

(All prices are in US Dollar)





My favorite

1 liter of petrol

12 cents


More than 10x cheaper than NZ

600ml of water

26 cents


8x cheaper than NZ ,but found cheaper water for 1.2$

in SA = Nord

in NZ = Pump

350ml soft drink

40 cents


3x cheaper than NZ

I prefer to change from time to time, but usually 7up

Big Mac



I don’t like McDonald

Cigarettes (20)



About 4x cheaper than NZ

I don’t smoke, some1 told me the reason behind high price is NZ gov add tax to cigarettes to let people not smoke a lot.

Bottle of Wine



I don’t drink


80 cents  (without alcohol)


I like barbican and prefer to change flavor from time to time.




well the kebab in NZ is bigger

Also speaking about Mobile (Prepaid) cost in SA 37$ for 1 month -from Mobily you get:

– 3000 minutes in same operator (50h).

– 3000 SMS in same operator.

In NZ i found : 23$ for 1 month -Telecom i think- you get:

-150 minutes (2.5h).

– unlimited SMS.

to sum up, Saudi is cheaper and there is no tax , but i believe the average salaries in Saudi in general is lower than NZ.

NZ memo4 : Eternal Homesick


I returned home with a few coins from New Zealand . Those coins will never be used again ,I believe they miss being in their environment and miss being passed among Kiwi hands. Perhaps, they now feel homesick like I was ,but now we’ve changed roles and its eternal for them. Maybe now they talk to each other about the old days , how they made a child happy after buying ice-cream on a hot sunny day ; how they were heroes of many scenarios and how people respected and kept them in secure place.

…but not anymore!

NZ memo3


in the last days in NZ ,I went with Japaneses friends to Japaneses restaurant , the food was good i ordered ramin – not sure about the spelling – and there was a shared dish contained raw fish , ehm .. raw fish ? oh how can they eat it ? and because i wanted to try something new I encouraged myself to eat it , I can’t descrip how it taste .. I was speechless , and ill never do it again!

raw fish



NZ memo2


I read sometimes about other religions and about atheism , and its normal to meet people from different religions and i met many , but i didn’t meet any atheist before , it was a shock for me to know that 2 of my friends in NZ are atheists! . I was between two things : 1st why they are atheist . & 2nd i want for them live a better life , because human consist of two parts : physical & spiritual part, and atheists have lack in the spiritual life ,which lead to some bad consequences .In general, gazing out at the universe nothing comes suddenly ,there should be a creator . One of them when i asked him why he is atheist ? replied : I just don’t like to think about those kind of topics , the other one said : I came from atheist family ,so therefore I am similar to them. Actually the latter has some knowledge about religions  ,so i decide to give a small book as i gift before i leave NZ.

NZ memo1


When i meet some people in New Zealand and have a chat with them , they usually ask me : Where are you from ? I often reply with : Have a guess ! … and i hear many different answers , but the most common answer – and funny though – : Israel !! Lol am i look likes Israeli ^^” , I thought i have Arabic appearance ^^ bahhh , but maybe because i used to wear black beanie ? like this one :
as i read:Jewish usually wear beanie – i didn’t know that in NZ – .

IELTS result

finallyThe result revealed :

Speaking : 7.5

Listening : 7

Reading : 5.5

Writing : 5.5

Overall : 6.5


Reading : actually i am surprised about my reading score Bah ^^” , because i didn’t do well, thought less than 5 .

Writing : hmmmm , I think my level is higher than 5.5 , at least 6 . Hmmm should i ask for re-mark and pay for it ? i don’t think so , but in my life i really don’t need write in academic way, even in my job . so i don’t care ^^

Speaking : although i made some mistakes i got 7.5 , so i believe they focus on the fluency more than anything.

Listening : i made few mistakes in spelling like : (desirt) instead of desert .



I’ll be over the moon if i took 7:) . but in general , I am happy with it  , taking in to account that I only studied for 2.5 months in NZ , i think its quite good . I believe if i stayed 3 months more in NZ 7 will be an easy target : )

I remember in my first week in NZ someone asked me what score do you want in IELTS ? i said 6 . he replied : 6 is very difficult , and i noticed from his face that you can’t get it . actually this motivated me to get more than 6 . Nothing is beyond your reach !

I sat for another IELTS in 2nd of March but i didn’t pay yet , and i’m not sure if  i should try a 2nd attempt .


I wrote about my experience in IELTS : here